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Raina Bandekar '23

Hi! My name is Raina Bandekar and I am a senior at Germantown Academy. When I joined the GA community 14 years ago I knew that this was a place that I felt welcomed and supported by my teachers and friends, and a place where I had the ability of exploring a wide variety of interests.

I am an avid participant in GA’s Independence Science Research program and have found this program as an integral aspect in shaping my future academic endeavors in the scientific field as both a researcher and an aspiring physician. In addition, some of the most rewarding aspects of my academic career at GA have been working as a writing center advisor and student tutor for the Upper School Tutoring Program.

GA also hosts a multitude of extracurricular activities that have shaped my foundation as a student. I have had the privilege of serving as a leader of the speech and debate club and GA’s community service organization for the past two years, two roles that have allowed me to grow into an avid public speaker and social advocate. I have participated in the school band as a flutist as well as the rowing team during my time at GA allowing me to gain a unique sense of team bonding and friendship outside of the classroom.

I will always be thankful for my teachers, peers, and mentors at GA for fostering an environment of learning, creativity, and collaboration that has shaped me into the person I am today.


Aisosa Idahosa '23

Hi! My name is Aisosa Idahosa and I’m a senior at Germantown Academy. I came to GA in 9th grade, and I’ve been happy to be a part of such a wonderful student body ever since. GA has both encouraged me, and given the avenue by which I have been able to pursue a large array of interests.

Extracurricularly, I have found an incredible, close-knit community within our school’s Crew team. I look forward to rowing on the river everyday, and this sport is the avenue by which I have made some of my closest friends. Additionally, as a captain of our Speech and Debate Team, I’ve been able to learn important leadership skills and become an avid public speaker. My event, Oral Interpretation, is pretty niche, and through it, I’ve been able to combine both the dramatic and argumentative aspects of speech.

I’ve always been a creative person, and through GA’s unique Academy Scholars Program, I’ve been able to pursue a significant independent combined art and research project on the Black Arts Movement and intersectional feminism. Through this, I have not only been able to pursue a cause that I am passionate about, but also further my artistic endeavors.

As I prepare to leave GA for college, I know I’ll look back at my time here as some of the best years of my life. GA has made it easy to both enjoy my life in the moment, while also preparing me for college and beyond.


Sam Wang '23

Hi! I’m Sam Wang, and I’m a senior. I joined Germantown Academy in third grade and have enjoyed being a part of such an amazing community ever since.
One of my favorite classes I’ve taken at GA is Advanced Topics in Computer Science. This project-based course has given me the opportunity to apply the computer science skills I learned in previous courses towards solving problems in the community. I have been working on a project to digitize the current lateness and off campus sign out processes to streamline them for both students and administrators.
At Germantown Academy, there are also a lot of different engaging activities students can participate in. I enjoyed being able to participate in a variety of activities, including Student Government, Cross Country, Robotics, and the school newspaper.
The community is my favorite part of GA. When I first arrived, I was shy and didn’t know anyone. The support I received from the community helped me find my voice. GA's unique teaching style, from the small class sizes to Harkness tables, fostered the welcoming community that grew me from a timid boy to a student leader who loves advocating for others.


Michael H. '30

Hi, I’m Michael, and I am in the 5th Grade. I came to GA in Kindergarten and I immediately got welcomed in by the kind students and teachers.  One of my favorite things about GA is the diversity of the activities that students can participate in. You can participate in lunch and recess clubs that specialize in all sorts of different categories. I have participated in clubs like SGA or Student Government Association, in which you can help GA become a better community and place to learn. Also, at GA you can learn things in fun and creative ways. For example, in science, we get to work with fun materials like dry ice and liquid nitrogen, and we can also do fun experiments. The teachers come up with fun projects that help us learn using things that we actually want to do.

But probably my favorite thing at GA is the community. When I first arrived here in Kindergarten, the community immediately helped me find my voice. They inspired me to make friends and included me in their activities. They helped me get comfortable with the community and I appreciate GA’s community very much. They helped me get used to this new environment and enjoy school, which I enjoy very much.

Joseph Richards '23

Hello! My name is Joseph Richards and I am a senior at Germantown Academy. I joined the GA community in second grade, where I felt an instant connection with the welcoming student body. GA became my personal “home away from home,” where I was supported and encouraged to pursue my vast interests.

GA provided me with the opportunity to serve as a Prefect and SGA Senator, two leadership positions that have shaped my amiable character to this day. As an Editor-in-Chief for the Edition—GA’s student-run newspaper—and leader of STEM Club, I was able to pursue my disparate passions of journalism and science.

Regarding academics, GA supported my zeal for the sciences by providing a multitude of electives, including Organic Chemistry and Independent Science Research, which have prepared me for my future educational aspirations. Although these courses have been instrumental in my understanding of scientific concepts, serving as a math and science tutor for the Student Tutor Service was one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made at GA. 

GA also offers various extracurricular activities that I’ve explored. As an advocate for community service and social change, I joined the Academy Scholars Program, which helped me to raise awareness for local veterans in need. I’ve been fortunate to pursue my affinity for music as a violinist for the String Orchestra as well. On the athletic front, I’ve been a part of the basketball, tennis, football, and squash teams during my time at GA.

As a member of the Class of 2023, I will always be grateful for GA’s endless opportunities for discovery and the gift of lifelong friendships.


John Brightcliffe '27

Hi! I’m John, and I’m in 8th Grade. I came to GA in 5th Grade and the community immediately welcomed me.

One of my favorite parts about GA is how students are given so many opportunities. I have participated in sports and clubs, meeting new people along the way. I am a part of CSO (Community Service Organization). We focus to help people in need and to make kind acts to brighten the community. I also play three sports at GA - football, basketball, and baseball. Sports give me an opportunity to compete and connect with others. In sports, I have met so many friends and learned great lessons from my coaches.

In school, not only do I learn about the subject, but also I am prepared for the Upper School. For our homework, sometimes we learn different ways to take notes. Also, we are encouraged to make our own study guides in preparation for quizzes and tests.

In conclusion, GA’s great community makes me feel welcomed and included through the opportunities and the great teachers we have.

Emma Polduka '27

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m an 8th grader at Germantown Academy. I joined GA in 6th grade during COVID-19. During this time I felt thoroughly welcomed by the community regardless of masks and social distancing. Since then the sense of unity has only gotten stronger.

Becoming a leader of the 8th Grade Girls Group has given me the opportunity to make a difference in a leadership role for issues I care about. Sports are another way I can be a leader in my community, specifically, playing softball for Middle School. Sports and clubs have helped me to make great friends and become more involved in making a difference.

Academics have always been a priority for me and GA has challenged and helped me become a more determined and advanced learner. Math has pushed me the most to study and work hard for my grade and English and History let me delve into topics that interest and intrigue me. I can’t wait to continue making memories here and I hope you are excited to join me!

Neve M. '30

Hi! My name is Neve and I joined GA in 2nd Grade. When I first walked into the school, I knew I would be welcomed and greeted by all the amazing security guards and all the staff members.  Currently, I am in 5th Grade and it has been such an awesome experience. I absolutely love it!

My favorite part of GA is the teachers and people that help and honor the kids with amazing projects and subjects. Every day when I come to school, I’m always so excited to start a new day and see so many smiles on everyone’s face. Also, in all the specials it's not just classes - it’s opportunities to learn something new. I love that all the kids here get everything that they need and have so much support when they're feeling low. Even in 5th Grade there will always be a teacher or friend to depend on.  There is such a beautiful campus with amazing gardens and ponds and so much wildlife that you can hear and see.

I'm so lucky to be at GA and to get the help and support that this school gives. Whatever time I leave this outstanding school, there are so many goodbyes from my home room and all the fantastic teachers. I always feel excited to come back the next day! GA is the most heartfelt school there can be!

Kaylin Trent '27

Hi! My name is Kaylin,  and I'm in 8th grade. Germantown Academy is a great school full of wonderful opportunities and amazing students and staff. There is such a wide variety of activities and clubs to choose from for every student!

I'm interested in giving back to the community and every student can do that by joining CSO (Community Service organization). CSO gives back to not just the GA community but the whole community. We work to set up tons of fundraisers throughout the year and it is really fun to work with my classmates. Another club I participate in is  SGA (student government Association). During SGA we plan fun events during the school year. I love SGA because even if you're not president or vice president, your opinion is always heard and put into action.

The sports community at GA is amazing, I play Soccer and run track. Playing these sports have been amazing and I've made some really good friends. I love how every sports team supports each other and their accomplishments.

Germantown Academy is incredible, and what I shared is not even close to all of the reasons why I love GA. I always feel included and like my voice is heard. All the teachers and students are so nice and I love going to school everyday.

Holden Jackson '27

Hi I’m Holden and I am in 8th Grade. Here are three things that I like about Germantown Academy. I came to GA when I was in 3rd Grade. I felt a part of the community immediately. I joined a club called CSO (Community Service Organization) this past year. They help others by donating meals for Thanksgiving, giving presents to people in need for the holidays, and they help raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Childhood Cancer.

Sports are a big part of my life and GA helps me develop that. I played soccer this past fall and made Middle School varsity. I’ll also play basketball and tennis later this year. There’s a team for everyone, whether it’s Varsity, Junior Varsity, Third Team, or Intramurals.

My favorite thing about GA is the accepting community. They make sure new students feel welcome. They have a program called Patriot Ambassadors that I participated in which allows current students to host potential students, showing them around and introducing them to the campus and the other kids.

These are only three things that I thought to share with you, because there is so much more!

Keeran K. '30

Hi, I’m Keeran and I’m a 5th Grader at Germantown Academy. I came to GA in PreK, and I have enjoyed being a part of such an amazing community ever since.
What I love most about GA is that every day is packed with fun subjects like science, art, PE, CBO (choir/band/orchestra), and many more. Another thing about GA is how you have so many opportunities. I participate in sports and clubs. The club I like best is biking club, where we bike around the school. I also swim for GAAC (Germantown Academy Aquatic Club). Swimming gives me a chance to compete against my friends.

In school, teachers and my friends help me prepare for Middle School by being more independent. I know that math will be harder and everything is more challenging there. I am also excited about our new Health & Wellness Center. I have been lucky to watch the new building come out of the ground and I can’t wait to use it.

Louisa H. '30

Hi! I’m Louisa and I am in 5th Grade. I came to GA in 2nd Grade, and I was immediately welcomed to the community.

One of my favorite parts of GA is how students are given so much opportunity to join all these amazing clubs. For example I am in CSO (community service organization) and SGA (student government association). I enjoy these clubs because they are student-led.   

I really enjoy art. One of my projects that we are doing right now is creating a clay bust. My bust is going to be Donkey from Shrek. I picked Donkey because he is always my favorite character, and he always makes me laugh.

The thing I like best about 5th Grade is we get so much more freedom. We have key cards and we get to walk to specials by ourselves which means our teachers trust us.

My favorite part of the civility pledge is that we honor differences. I feel that our community does a good job of taking that seriously. GA is a very welcoming place for everybody - I love it here.